Order Updates

Hey Everyone!

We know that pre-orders can be sad (Trust us - we want to wear the new drops too!). BUT, to help the wait, we've started this page to show you where your drop is in the production process!

We will update this twice a week, so check back whenever you want, and if you have specific questions, ALWAYS feel free to DM Britain on IG @TheShirtFarm - We promise, he won't bite.

Drop #010 - Be Like Herc:

Restock: All original orders for Drop #010 (Be Like Herc) have been shipped! Any orders from the Restock are in the printing phase now, and will be shipped within the 2-3 weeks.

Drop #011 Put That Fit Back Where it Came From:

Shirts: ALL shirts have printed, and ship to us early this week (week beginning with May 26th.) We will quality check, package in our custom drop #011 packaging, and mail promptly!

Hats: First batch of hats shipped! Restock hats are finishing this week (week beginning with May 26th.) These will ship later this week, so keep an eye on your email!

Drop #012 Sad, Strange Little Fit:

Shirts: ALL Screens have been burned (There were 24 screens. Whoops. Very sorry to our printing team.) These begin printing late this week (week beginning with May 26th.) We are hoping to receive them in the first week of June, or at the end of, but within, the preorder window.

Drop #013 Emotional Roller Coaster:

Shirts: All shirts, up to size large, have finished printing! XL - 3xl finish early this week (week beginning with May 26th.) Will meet our deadline, and have you the tees before the premier!

Hats: All hats have finished! They will begin fulfilling Tuesday!

Drop #014 Golly, What a Fit

Shirts: These are on our brand new blanks! All blanks have been ordered, and we're beginning burning screens!

Hats: We've ordered the blanks, and once they arrive we will begin!